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People from all walks of life see me: athletes, teachers, construction workers, moms, restaurant workers, shop owners, dancers and bodywork professionals. Since Ortho-Bionomy is very gentle it's excellent for all ages and those who are highly sensitive or fragile.

What My Clients are Saying...

Ortho-BionomyMatt Albert has been working on all of my beat-up body parts for the last 3 years.

Whether we have chosen massage therapy or Ortho-Bionomy, I always walk out of a session with Matt feeling lighter, looser and more hopeful that I will get back the mobility in my joints that injury and overuse have taken away.

The massage seems to me, more instant gratification. However, the Ortho-Bionomy tends to have a more lasting effect. I have done yoga, active-isolated stretching ( Whartons), deep tissue massage, Feldencrais and a host of body-work regimens in my life. The most lasting for me have been the one's that work on both the brain and the body. Since I feel that the mind causes most of the problems to begin with, and from what Matt has explained to me and my own research online, Ortho-Bionomy seems to work on both simultaneously, allowing the body to heal itself. Now, if only I could go everyday for a year!

Patrick Ferri
Physical Comic - Carpenter

During a recent visit to Pittsfield from Maine, my niece suggested that I try an ortho-bionomy session with Matt. I'd had arthroscopic surgery on my knee to repair a torn meniscus several years ago that left me with chronic pain and a distorted leg. Matt listened carefully to my history and decided on a plan. He clearly explained what he was doing and was extremely focused during the session. I was impressed with how non-invasive and relaxing the process was, yet I could definitely feel an energy transfer in progress. I wish I lived closer to Pittsfield as I feel that with continued sessions, Matt could change my world for the better.

Donna D.
Chemistry Teacher

Ortho-BionomyI have been working with Matt Albert for 15 years. His massages are both restorative and heavenly; his hands are healing; his expertise is extensive. As a marathon runner, I’ve had countless massages by a variety of people. Matt has never disappointed. Quite the opposite, he has always helped me. Always. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for either a relaxing massage or a therapeutic treatment. Matt is highly capable of delivering either.

Karen S.

Ortho-BionomyMatt Albert is one of the most intuitive body workers I have ever met. Being a highly physical and active person, I am continuously jumping in and out of positions and at times pushing my body to the limits. When ever injury has occurred, Matt has easily accommodated my schedule and literally fixed what was tight and in pain to release and relieve of tension for ultimate healing. He is like no other body worker I know because he talks to your body and bones, hence my nickname for him the "bone whisperer." I highly recommend Matt as a highly skilled body worker who creates a safe space where ultimate healing happens from the inside out!

Amy Dawidowicz
Choose Evolution Coaching Systems

Ortho-BionomyI am very lucky that my enjoyment of being active outside has led me to a long career in outdoor recreation. It has also led me to Matt Albert. Over the years I have experienced muscle pulls, strains etc, and when this happens, I always seek out Matt. His understanding of the body and how to relieve muscle stress is effective, immediate and second to none.

Michael Duffy
Outdoor Sports Guide

Ortho-BionomyAs a result of having chosen a "laborious and rigorous" vocation, consequently I have had to choose to subscribe to both massage therapy and bodywork. Matt Albert's understanding of the individual disciplines, approach to his craft and and his obvious skill set have facilitated my struggles with pain and dysfunction in the body. In his efforts to evaluate my needs, and assist in the restoration of my bodies balanced state, he has demonstrated not only his intellect and his training, but also his passion and dedication to bodywork.

Matthew Cartier
President Berkshire Turf & Ornamental, LLC.

Ortho-BionomyMatt has helped relieve my aches and pains over the years with both his body work and Ortho-Bionomy. He has worked on my neck and shoulders, knees and hips. I love the outdoors and I am very active so I tend to over do it at times. Not to mention my desk job can be highly stressful and sitting 8 hours a day takes its toll. "Magic Matt" as I like to call him, is a true professional and highly skilled. He's a down-to-earth guy who makes you feel comfortable and is truly dedicated to helping you feel your best. His Ortho-Bionomy is gentle but effective. If you've never experienced it then it's worth a try. You'll be hooked!

Kimmy Morris
Website Designer

Pittsfield, MA

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