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Ortho-Bionomy® Session

60 minutes | $70/hr (Session time dependent on issue.)
High School athletes get 50% Off!
Cards, cash or check accepted.

  • You will remain fully clothed, in loose comfortable clothes, throughout the session. This is not massage. You will be laying or sitting on a massage table. There is no oil involved.
  • I accept cash or personal check. Payment is expected at the time of service.
  • Treatment plans can be discussed after an initial visit/consultation.

Typically, I will ask you to remove your shoes and lay on a massage table. An Ortho-Bionomy® session begins with a conversation to assess your specific issue, such as physical pain, an injury, soreness from work or sports, etc. Communication is important and I will ask if something is painful, or just uncomfortable. This will allow me to make adjustments in the treatment. Gentle movements with slight compression towards a joint will allow the changes to occur. At times you may be asked to resist a movement or to press lightly against the therapist or the table. Movements are always done to your comfort level. Self-care exercises can be given to help you stay in comfort between sessions. They also help educate you on how to move and use your body without pain.

Relief begins right away and deepens thereafter. Most people feel a positive difference from their first session. Within four sessions, the majority of my clients feel 80-100% better. Complex injuries or conditions usually take longer. Some people continue getting sessions to learn more about themselves and to keep feeling great, rather than just being out of pain.

Please contact me to schedule an appointment or to ask your questions. I am available for house-calls by appointment.

Pittsfield, MA

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